Textiles of the Galloway Hoard
– a Viking Age treasure
with Dr Susanna Harris,
University of Glasgow

Thursday 21st September 2023 at 7.30pm
Via Zoom with an online recording available after the date.
Adult/non member £6.00
Museum member/student £3.00

The Galloway Hoard is a stunning group of objects that were buried in southwest Scotland around 900 CE. Among the stash of Viking Age silver, gold and other inorganic objects, there are preserved remains of textiles. As textiles rarely survive in archaeological contexts, their presence in this hoard provides a remarkable opportunity to discover the role and significance of textiles in hoards of this period. This talk will explain the wool, plant fibre and silk textiles of the hoard and outline updated results of the analytical discoveries.

Access requirements

To access the lecture you need a PC, Chromebook, tablet or smartphone with a web browser.