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Textiles of the Galloway Hoard – a Viking Age treasure
Dr Susanna Harris, University of Glasgow
21st September 2023

 The Galloway Hoard is a stunning group of objects that were buried in southwest Scotland around 900 CE. Among the stash of Viking Age silver, gold and other inorganic objects, there are preserved remains of textiles. As textiles rarely survive in archaeological contexts, their presence in this hoard provides a remarkable opportunity to discover the role and significance of textiles in hoards of this period. This talk will explain the wool, plant fibre and silk textiles of the hoard and outline updated results of the analytical discoveries.
From Pictish Kingdom To Scottish Earldom: A Cultural Geography Of Atholl And Gowrie
Dr Mark Hall, Perth Museum
19th October 2023

 Annual Academic Lecture : Dr Mark A Hall will share with us his reflections and confusions in trying to assess what the Pictish kingdoms of Atholl and Gowrie looked like on the ground, principally through an examination of the surviving groups of Pictish sculpture and their locations and also of finds of portable antiquities.
Women as Pattern Makers in Insular Art
Dr Cynthia Thickpenny

Cynthia will present research from her Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship at the University of Edinburgh. Her Fellowship project is entitled ‘The Transmutation of Patterns and the Role of Women in Insular Art’ and is funded by the Leverhulme Trust.
Scotland and Scandinavia, c.AD750–1300: material and social entanglements
Dr Russell O’Riagain, Unversity College, Dublin
14th December 2023

 Dr O’Riagain will talk about artefacts of northern British provenance in Scandinavian furnished burials, hoards and settlements.

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