Celtic Stitches in Time


Celtic Stitches in Time is a series of activities coinciding with the development of a new website dedicated to the work of George Bain (1881-1968).

An artist and educator with a passion for sharing Celtic art, Bain continues to inspire countless artists and craftspeople to this day. His instruction manuals are still in print as Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction.

The child’s jumper along with other knitting designs by Bain are on display in the museum

Central to the activities is a child’s jumper designed by Bain. The jumper is one example of the hundreds of designs in a Celtic style Bain produced. The George Bain Collection held by Groam House Museum includes sketches, hand-drawn plates for his books, designs for craftwork and craftwork itself – carpets, leatherwork, woodwork, embroideries, ceramics. It is a Recognised Collection of National Significance to Scotland.

The child’s jumper is featured in a new online exhibition, Highland Threads, and along with other knitting designs by Bain, will be displayed in the museum when it reopens.

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