Sharing our local histories



Family at Weston Farm 

Box camera

Our local history collection is rich with photographs and a quirky range of objects and we want to know more about their hidden histories.

This new twelve-week project, led by Jen Shaw, will start us on the way.

Museum volunteers are currently busy choosing topics they’d like to delve into. Perhaps we’ll look at the lemonade factory in Fortrose, or Groam House when it was a shop or the Fortrose railway station. We don’t know yet.

The next stage will be to find out more about each selected theme. To do this we will ask locals to help us fill in the blanks, identify folk in photos and elaborate on the stories of the people, places and past of Rosemarkie and Fortrose.

Then, collating all this information, old and new photographs, and perhaps some interviews, we’ll create a series of mini-exhibitions. They will be presented online and ‘in real life’ – in the museum or maybe in the library or a vacant shop window.

The grant is also paying for an A3 scanner and free photography training – find out more here. They’ll all be used to enable us to share the collection better.

We are grateful to the National Heritage Lottery Fund for making this project possible.

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