Opportunity: Interpretive content developer

Groam House Museum has been awarded a grant from the NLHF’s Heritage Emergency Fund. The grant is to enable us to re-use existing researched content on elements of our local history collections to create new, inter-related, mini-exhibitions. We want to focus on the key audience of local people. The project is to be completed by the end of January 2021. 

The over-arching themes associated with specific objects are 

  • historic places in Rosemarkie and Fortrose  (specific sites in the villages)
  • elements from the 1955 celebration of the 500th anniversary of the creation of the royal burgh of Fortrose & Rosemarkie 

It is proposed that the contractor will engage with a small team of volunteers, or by other means, to identify engaging stories from the detailed background information which will be supplied. The contractor will write texts for use in actual displays, on-line shows for our website, blogs, etc. They will also list any additional imagery or other media that could be gathered or created after the completion of this contract to enhance the productions. 

The contractor is invited to consider the ways in which volunteers and other local people can be actively involved in this work, and should describe their planned approach in their response. This will enable GHM to use the products of this contract as a best practice model that can be replicated by small volunteer teams. 

The key audiences for these varied platforms will be local people and their diaspora, Fortrose secondary school and library users, local history enthusiasts across the Highlands and beyond, and people with a family history relating to the area.

Interested contractors should reply to this brief, indicating how these elements would be delivered, and examples of previously authored content. A budget of £2000 is available for this work, and the main part of the work is to be completed by 31 January 2021.

Please e-mail your response to doug.maclean@groamhouse.org by 24 October 2020.
For further information on the requirements, please contact Jill Harden (jill.harden@groamhouse.org )

It is expected that selection will take place on 26/27 October to enable an early start to the project. Please refer in your response when you would be available to start work.

1. Original documents, objects and photos and source material relating to places that include the poorhouse, the harbour, the lemonade manufactory, the scout/guide hall, the station, Rosemarkie Church, Fortrose Town House, village shops, village shops.

2. Original documents, objects and photos of the 1955 events, and the source material on which they were based. These include the provost’s chain of office, a game of bools, the medieval seals of the old burgh of Rosemarkie and new burgh of Fortrose, burgess tickets, a pageant